The GP MP, the reporter and the manicure gone wrong

How Dr Phelps helped diagnose a serious infection mid-interview with a TV journalist

MP Dr Kerryn Phelps couldn’t help but put her GP hat on while being interviewed on Nine Network's A Current Affair recently, possibly saving the reporter a manicure-induced trip to surgery.

Dr Phelps was being interviewed by A Current Affair's Alex Bernhardt when the GP noticed the journalist’s elbow was inflamed.

She suspected a septic bursitis and that a recent trip to a nail salon was the potential source of infection.

The GP wrote the journalist a prescription and advised her to go to hospital if the swelling remained by night time.

"You had quite a severe, what we call a septic bursitis in your elbow," Professor Phelps said in a follow-up interview with A Current Affair.

"Its other name is olecranon bursitis, and we don't see those very often, but when they are seen, they need to be treated as a matter of urgency."