GP 'spat on and scratched' working in hospitals

Aggression and disrespect a growing problem, says Bathurst GP Dr Rachel Jack

A NSW GP has described being spat on, scratched, sworn at and abused while working in hospitals and says disrespect towards doctors and medical staff is becoming a “huge problem”.

Dr Rachel Jack, who has returned to her home town of Bathurst in NSW's central west to start a new practice, says the issue in hospitals is widespread and growing.

"The rudeness and aggression is a huge problem," she told the Western Advocate newspaper ahead of her practice opening in early October.

"I have been spat on and scratched. I have been called just about every four-letter word that you could write down.

"I've been called a terrorist as well. I wanted to do a blood alcohol level on a woman's P-plater son who had just crashed his car, so I was a terrorist for wanting to do that.”

She says patients have come to expect service as they would in a café or retail store.

"So they get