GP spearheads COVID-19 vaccine injury class action

Dr Melissa McCann, who is responsible for all legal costs, has crowdfunded $120,000 for the case.

A GP has staked more than $100,000 in crowdfunded cash on a class action lawsuit for patients allegedly injured by COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr Melissa McCann has been named the ‘litigation funder’ for a 654-page case filed in the Federal Court of Australia this week.

It means the Whitsundays GP and cosmetic doctor will be responsible for covering all legal costs if the case fails.

However, she will have access to funds of $120,000 that she has raised via fundraising website mightycause, with a goal of eventually reaching $650,000 in donations.

The case names the Australian Government, Professor Brendan Murphy, Professor John Skerritt, Professor Paul Kelly and former health minister Greg Hunt as defendants.

It alleges they knew a risk analysis of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout was “entirely unbalanced in favour of harm” and that, by April 2021, there was an “explosion” of adverse events.

The three lead plaintiffs include a 46-year-old who alleges he was left with severe cognitive impairment, chest pain, headaches and shortness of breath after one dose of an mRNA vaccine.

Another patient, a 65-year-old, claims a single dose of Vaxzevria caused him acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, lower-leg numbness and weakness, and neurogenic bladder and bowel.

The third individual, aged 41, alleges they experienced myopericarditis requiring pericardiectomy after a single dose of an mRNA vaccine and now has PTSD, steroid-induced diabetes and chest-wall numbness.

Other individuals can join the class action if they “are suffering a serious adverse event either partly or wholly by reason of the injection”.

This includes death, inpatient hospitalisation or prolonged their existing hospitalisation, persistent or significant disability or incapacity, stillbirth or any other “medically important” event.

The case alleges that officials created a “false necessity” for vaccination on the basis that millions of Australians would otherwise die or be hospitalised for COVID-19 and that vaccination was the way out of the pandemic.

It argues that the risk of COVID-19 was overstated because the sensitivity threshold for PCR tests was so low it would react to even “a fragment of a single viral particle”.

Dr McCann previously wrote to Professor Skerritt, then the TGA boss, calling for an immediate halt to the vaccination program, providing what she described as scientific evidence of serious harm caused by the vaccines, according to the court document.

Professor Skerrit responded, denying her claims.

She also wrote to Medical Board of Australia chair Dr Anne Tonkin asking the board and AHPRA to “re-evaluate” their March 2022 COVID-19 vaccination position statement, the court documents stated.

And after Mark Butler took over as Minister for Health and Aged Care, she urged him to suspend the provisional registration of COVID-19 vaccines.

Neither responded to her letters, the court documents said.

In March this year, Dr McCann received a letter from the TGA’s chief medical advisor that raised concerns about her speeches at a vaccine conference and alleged she was spreading misinformation, according to the documents.

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