GP's crossbow attacker jailed for 20 years

The UK doctor says he has nightmares and no longer feels safe at work, court told

A patient who fired a crossbow at a UK GP, after blaming the doctor for his father’s death just days earlier, has been jailed for 20 years.

Mark Waterfall burst into the rooms of Dr Gary Griffith in Watford, north of London, last July and shot him in the stomach, yelling: "You killed my father, I am going to kill you."

In sentencing Waterfall, St Albans Crown Court Judge Stephen Warner said: “You fired the bolt into his abdomen from a distance of about five feet,” according to a report on Pulse, the UK-based GP news website and magazine.

“When you did, you intended to kill him. It was pure good fortune that you didn’t succeed.”

The court had heard that Dr Griffith was struck in the left side of the stomach and, since it was a hot day, the GP had his shirt bunched around his midriff — creating more layers for the bolt to travel through and slowing its momentum.