Have these 4 names made palliative care more palatable?

A change in attitude is more important than a change of name, say specialists in the field

Palliative care has an image problem, but rebranding it with a new name isn’t going to help, argue palliative care specialists.

In a BMJ editorial, the University of Edinburgh-led authors cite four names that haven’t worked:

1. End-of-life care

This links palliative care inextricably with imminent death and dying in the minds of professionals and the public, the authors write.

2. Enhanced supportive care

It’s not clear whether this attempt to make palliative care more socially acceptable, and imply it begins at diagnosis, helps or confuses patients.

3. Best supportive care

Another euphemism that can have adverse consequences if the care is not well co-ordinated.

4. Ceiling of treatment or ceiling of care

These terms are still used by health professionals to indicate the