Heart Foundation under fire for 'heartless' ads

Its campaign says people who don't visit their GP for a heart health check don't love their family enough

The National Heart Foundation is facing an angry backlash over a “heartless” advertising campaign that suggests people who don’t check their heart health don’t love their families enough.

The latest in a series of campaigns to encourage Australians to visit their GP for a heart check launched on Twitter and YouTube on Monday.

In one ad a mother tells her son: “Every time I said I loved you I was lying."

In another of the ads, a young girl sitting on her mother’s hospital bed, tells her mum: “It’s not just your heart you didn’t care about. It’s all of ours and now we all have to live with the consequences.”

But within hours of the ads release there were calls for them to be pulled.

It's the second time in months that the National Heart Foundation's efforts to encourage Australians to