Intermittent fasting vs continuous calorie restrictions - which is better?

The most successful participants lost between 0.5kg and 1kg a week for each week of the study

Intermittent fasting has come out as the winner for weight loss, as well as other metabolic health markers, even when energy intake matches other diets, Adelaide researchers have found.

In their study of different diets in a group of women, intermittent fasters who consumed 70% of their required energy intake lost the most weight and recorded better lipid measures than others.

They outstripped the weight loss of the dieters who also consumed 70% of their required energy intake but through continuous restriction (5.4kg vs 3.9kg), the University of Adelaide researchers reported in Obesity.

“When prescribed at matched energy restriction, intermittent fasting reduced weight and fat mass and improved total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol more than dietary restriction,” the authors wrote.

Their study contrasted four diets and regimens in 88 women who were overweight,