It's a 'herculean task', says ICU doctor

Dr David Hepburn, from the Royal Gwent Hospital in Wales, says all coronavirus patients in his hospital are 50 or younger

An ICU doctor in the UK has described what it's like caring for a growing number of patients with coronavirus.

Dr David Hepburn, a consultant in intensive care medicine at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Wales, says they are seeing much younger patients than they were expecting.

All are 50 or younger, and the youngest is in her early 20s.

Few have pre-existing medical conditions and one is a fitness professional, said Dr Hepburn, in an interview with Channel 4 on Friday.

He added that the hospital had quadrupled its ICU capacity to meet demand; "it's controlled chaos."

The hospital's 13-bed ICU was filled with 16 ventilated patients. 

The theatre recovery area had been equipped with eight beds to manage the overspill, which now also nearly full, he said. 

There was room for another 22 patients in an old high-dependency unit, which, with