Just how unhealthy are fish and chips?

Eating fried foods regularly raises risk of early death in women over 50, say researchers

Postmenopausal women may want to reconsider their next fish and chips takeaway, with a study showing one serving of fried food a day ups their risk of an early death.

Regularly eating any fried food increases their mortality risk by 8% compared with women who eat none, research in the BMJ shows.

In particular, consuming fried chicken, fish or shellfish, which the authors assumed to be deep fried, was especially likely to raise their chance of an early death.

The research followed almost 107,000 US women aged 50 to 79 who enrolled in the Women's Health Initiative study between 1993 and 1998 and completed dietary questionnaires.

Over an average 18-year follow-up, 31,558 of the women died, including 9320 from cardiovascular disease, 8358 from cancer and 13,880 from other causes.

The researchers looked at the women’s total and specific consumption of different fried foods