Medical textbook slammed for describing Cushing's patient as a 'monster'

The offensive language is in the fifth edition of Dr Pestana's Surgery Notes which was published earlier this year

A recent medical student textbook that describes a patient with potential Cushing's disease as a "monster" and "just a fat hairy lady" if tests are negative has sparked outrage on social media.

The eyebrow-raising descriptions are contained in the fifth edition of Dr Pestana’s Surgery Notes, published this year.

The textbook is authored by Dr Carlos Pestana, professor of surgery at the University of Texas Medical School, US.

In an excerpt posted on Twitter, medical students are advised that Cushing's disease can be identified at a glance by looking at the picture of  a “lovely young woman next to the picture of a ‘monster’ who is the same lady a couple of years later”.

“The ‘monster’ has a round, ruddy, hairy face, buffalo hump, supraclavicular fat pads, obese trunk with abdominal stria, and thin weak extremities,” it states.

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