#Metoo reaches 'dinosaur-infested depths' of GP politics

Two female GPs in the UK have secured an inquiry into sexism in the British Medical Association

The MeToo movement is sweeping through general practice in the UK, where two prominent female GPs have accused the highest levels of the profession of sexism and bullying, prompting an inquiry. 

The British Medical Association (BMA) on Wednesday announced an investigation into their claims of sexual harassment and sexism among their leaders.

Dr Zoe Norris and Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, both GPs and senior members of the BMA’s General Practice Committee (GPC), have highlighted their concerns about “misogynistic behaviour on the part of peers and leaders of the profession” in an article for the digital news service GPonline.

#metoo doctors
Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer (left) and Dr Zoe Norris.