Most states now funding GP vaccines as flu cases rise fourfold

NSW, SA, WA and Victoria have taken a cue from Queensland

Virtually every state in Australia will refund GPs and pharmacists for any private flu vaccines they administer, as case numbers quadruple in just two weeks. 

Last week, Queensland announced it will reimburse practices $21.95 for each private flu vaccine they administer.

But that move has now triggered similar announcements in SA, WA and NSW, with Victoria expected to announce its own funding package later this week.

The rapid expansion of the funding should benefit millions of Australians as flu cases begin to rise.

Just over 10,500 lab-confirmed flu cases had been recorded from the start of the year to 8 May.

But that has increased to 38,743 cases in the 9-22 May fortnight.

According to the Australian Influenza Surveillance Report, three people aged 87-92 have died of influenza so far this year, and another 368 people have been admitted to hospital, including 28