Nurse suspended over insulin theft

The drug were taken 'on impulse' for her father, so that he could use them in China

A nurse who stole insulin from an aged care facility for use by her father has been suspended for six months.

The theft was uncovered only after luggage went missing in transit, ending up at Sydney airport, where police investigated and traced the source of the insulin.

Lin Tan admitted to taking a large quantity of the drug from her workplace, the Resthaven Paradise aged care home, in Adelaide in 2015.

She gave the insulin to her father who has diabetes, so he could take it back to China after visiting her in Australia.

But his luggage was lost in transit and ended up at Sydney airport, according to the SA Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Airport security found it, leading the Australian Federal Police to investigate the source of the insulin inside.

The AFP and SA police tracked the insulin back to the aged care home.

Ms Tan pleaded guilty to theft in 2016, but