Parents warn of vaping after daughter nearly dies

US couple say children need to know about vaping harms following their child's pneumonia

A US father, Tim Johnson, is warning of the dangers of vaping after his daughter nearly died from pneumonia related to her use of the products.

Her mother, Ruby Johnson, insists all children need to be educated about the dangers of vaping.

The US Food and Drug Administration has found that the oil in vaping products used by those who became sick is contaminated with an oil derived from vitamin E.

US states Illinois and Oregon both reported deaths from respiratory illnesses tied to vaping.

The Centers for Disease Control has reported at least 215 possible cases of vaping-related illnesses in 25 states as of 27 August.

Exposure to second-hand chemicals emitted from e-cigarettes is on the rise in high school students, a study suggests.

A survey that included tens of thousands of US teens found that exposure to second-hand aerosols from e-cigarettes rose from one in four