Patient amputates own penis while in cannabis-induced psychosis: case

Thai doctors reported that he was experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations, which resolved within four weeks of abstaining from cannabis

A man cut off his penis with scissors while experiencing cannabis-induced psychosis, doctors from Thailand have reported. 

The 23-year-old had used cannabis for two years before taking a break for three months.  

He came to strife after starting up again and smoking two bongs, equivalent to 2 grams of cannabis, say clinicians from the ED at Chiang Mai University. 

Two hours after smoking the drug he had an erection without sexual stimulation and felt a severe, persistent sharp pain in his penis. 

He told doctors his glans also looked distorted. 

“Intending to eradicate the pain, without command hallucination, he decided to trim the penile skin several times and completely amputated his penis himself using scissors,” they wrote in the Journal of Medical Case Reports

“He reported