Revealed: The RACGP's new campaign to entice doctors into general practice

'Some days you feel like Sherlock Holmes,' the college tells the next generation of doctors

The RACGP is launching a campaign to promote the specialty to medical students and junior doctors with the tagline: “General practice — everything you’ve trained for and more”.

Set to take over the training program next year, the college is hoping it can appeal to the next generation of doctors amid concern that the number of non-GP specialists being trained in Australia is outstripping the number of new GPs. 

Officially launching on Sunday, the recruitment push will involve a series of videos shared on social media, with the stories of GP registrars posted on a campaign website. 

“Some days, you find yourself immersed in your community, helping out with all of the things that make life happen,” the website states.  

“Other days, you feel like Sherlock Holmes, investigating and noticing the little things other people don’t and piecing together signs to get to the right diagnosis.”