Rude surgeon suspended over comments

UK surgeon who asked nurses about sex lives must 'show insight' before suspension is lifted

A foul-mouthed UK surgeon with a penchant for giving patients sexual innuendo-laden instructions has been suspended from the medical register for nine months, the BMJ reports.

Colorectal surgeon Dr Serban Gheorghiu, who asked patients to “assume the George Michael position” instead of directing them to bring their knees to their chin for colonoscopies, didn’t seem to recognise normal workplace boundaries, according to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.

Five nurses, described by the tribunal as “honest, convincing and compelling”, also gave evidence that he routinely asked them about their sex lives, shouting down a corridor to ask one if she’d had rough sex the night before.

According to the report on the BMJ's website, Dr Gheorghiu also:

  • Claimed he was late because he’d been having sex. He then asked the nurse who’d inquired why he was late if she was grumpy