Should surgeons routinely video their ops?

Filming laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery aids accurate reporting: study

Filming surgical procedures and including them in the patient's operative notes should become a routine part of surgeons' documentation processes, Dutch researchers say.

The push comes on the back of a study that looked at the impact of systematically videoing laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery on the accuracy of recording key procedural steps in the notes.

The team from Erasmus University Medical Centre studied 113 patients who underwent elective laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer and whose surgeons were videoed during the procedure.

The average case recording was 31 minutes long

These patients were matched and compared with controls — that is, cases from an historical cohort with traditional step-by-step narrative reports.

According to the researchers, all patients' operative notes should have detailed six steps: introduction of trocars under vision; exploration; vascular