Top docs slam Pete Evans over selfie with JFK's anti-vax nephew

The controversial chef should 'stick to activated almonds', warn doctors

Top doctors have again slammed paleo diet advocate Pete Evans over his support of anti-vax messages, telling the celebrity chef to ‘stick to talking about activated almonds’.

RACGP president Dr Harry Nespolon took aim at Mr Evans for publicly supporting high-profile US anti-vax campaigner Robert F. Kennedy Jr, nephew of former US president John F. Kennedy.

“Stick to talking about activated almonds and leave vaccinations alone. That's my message for celebrity chef Pete Evans,” Dr Nespolon said on Twitter, referring to comments he'd made in a story on

Well-known GP Dr Brad McKay had earlier tweeted about a social media post Mr Evan's made promoting the views of Mr Kennedy Jr, pointing out the chef promoted “dangerous” views in his public role.