A tribute to Australia's longest practising doctor — Dr Neville Rothfield

He started treating patients when doctors first began prescribing a genuine wonder drug: penicillin

This is an edited version of an obituary written by Dr Olga Ostrowskyj, a women's health physician at Broadmeadow Medical Practice in Newcastle,  NSW and long-time colleague of Dr Rothfield.

Last month, more than 200 people filled St Peter's Anglican Church in Hamilton, Newcastle, to farewell Dr Neville Rothfield, who may well have been Australia's longest practising medical practitioner.

He passed away just one month shy of his 97th birthday.

He had retired two years earlier having practised medicine for 71 years. For some families, he had treated up to four generations of patients

"I get accosted in Woolworths by mothers saying 'You treated my son' and there's some guy who is six feet tall. It's nice to see I've done something right!" he once told the Newcastle Herald.

In his profile for the newspaper, he said he