Want your very own feed of AusDoc articles?

The new My Feed feature allows you to create a stream of articles on the topics that interest you most

Today, we're launching a new feature on our website that gives every reader their own personal stream of articles – it's called My Feed.

You’ll still get all the news, opinion, clinical updates and education you know and love on the AusDoc website and in our newsletters.

My Feed will complement this by delivering a separate, tailored feed of articles on the topics that interest you most.

Say you have a special interest in cardiology, then we can make sure you see all we have to offer in that clinical field. 

Or if infectious disease is keeping you up at night (as it is for all of us right now!) then we can pop that in your My Feed too.  

All we need is a little help from you.

Simply go to your Profile Page on the AusDoc website and select the topics in the 'interests' section you want to see more of – and they'll increase in My Feed. 

My Profile