Watch: Professor Michael Kidd on how easing COVID-19 restrictions affects elderly patients

Patients want to know if they can hug their grandchildren again

Elderly patients will have to make informed decisions on seeing their grandchildren or hugging relatives as COVID-19 restrictions are eased, GPs have been told.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Michael Kidd says as restrictions are loosened across Australia, many elderly patients who have minimised contact with relatives want to know if it's okay to see them again.

Rural NSW GP Dr Bilkis Malek, who cares for many patients in aged care facilities, urged patients to discuss their individual risk with their GP.

"I think that a hug can be very therapeutic and I don’t underestimate that need for human contact, particularly for people with dementia and illnesses where communication is harder.

"But I think they need to stick to the guidelines of the facilities and the recommendations from their doctor."

Watch the full webinar here.