What precautions are needed for home visits during the lockdown?

Canberra GP Dr Tanya Robertson joined Professor Michael Kidd to explain her approach

GPs have been encouraged to vaccinate vulnerable patients at home during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Department of Health's latest GP seminar, streamed online on Thursday.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Michael Kidd was joined by Canberra GP Dr Tanya Robertson, who explained her practice's approach to vaccinating patient at home.

"What we’ve done is make sure that we go first thing in the morning when we’re completely clean and haven’t seen anybody that may have been at risk — that we’ve simply picked up vaccinations, maintained cold chain, gone straight to their homes to provide those deliveries," she said.

Responding to GPs' questions, Department of Veterans' Affairs chief health officer Dr Jenny Firman said full PPE was not necessary when vaccinating patients at home, if GPs took other precautions.

"In that setting, you’d use usual standard precautions, as you would if this were