Which are the most sexist surgical specialties?

Female surgeons in the UK report ‘boys club’ barriers and discrimination in surgical careers

Over half of female surgeons in a UK survey report having experienced discrimination, with barriers ranging from “a boys club" mentality to it being a family-unfriendly profession.

When asked to name the specialties in which a male-dominated culture existed, orthopaedics and trauma topped the ranks, nominated by 53% of those polled as a sexist specialty, followed by cardiothoracic (16%) and general surgery (15%).

In the study, published in the BMJ Open, researchers analysed the responses of 81 female surgeons to an online survey about their work experiences and perceptions.

They were asked questions relating to what obstacles they had faced in their careers, what they thought might overcome these and what they considered the most discriminatory of the surgical fields.

The survey was distributed through the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland Women in Surgery