WHO facing claims of fraud and racism

Funds earmarked for Ebola crisis spent on employee's girlfriend, anonymous emails claim

Officials at the WHO are battling a slew of claims of racism and fraud, including allegations that funds to tackle the Ebola emergency in west Africa were spent on a senior employee’s girlfriend.

The WHO has released a press statement saying it is “aware” of a range of claims, after media reports revealed details of accusations of racism, sexism and corruption contained in three anonymous emails.

Last week London-based news service the Press Association first publicised the anonymous emails, which were circulated internally to senior WHO management last year.

One of the emails described the behaviour of a senior doctor helping to lead the Ebola response as “unacceptable, unprofessional and racist”.

And according to a Guardian report, among the allegations was a claim that funds for the Ebola outbreak in west Africa were misused.

Staff allegedly fabricated a mission so that a senior