'You're doing a rippa job,' docs tell Melburnians

Doctors and nurses at a number of the city's hospitals have made a 'thank you' video that urges Victorians to keep up the good work

Doctors and nurses working in Melbourne hospitals have a simple message for fellow Victorians hunkered down at home, wearing masks outdoors and staying socially distanced  — 'thank you'. 

They've appeared in a short video clip, to say thank you for their efforts during the tough lockdown, and to encourage them to keep going.

In a segment on ABC News' 7.30, staff from a number of Melbourne hospitals, including Dr Mark Plummer, an intensive care specialist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, introduce themselves and highlight how the measures have helped contain COVID-19.

"So pat on the back. You guys are doing a rippa job and we really appreciate it. Thank you so much Melbourne, and Victoria!" says Olivia, a nurse.