Ending universal bulk-billing needs more than words

While Dr Karen Price's call has been welcomed across the specialty, it risks getting lost without an organised campaign

The question for the president of the RACGP is whether her exhortation last week for GPs to move away from universal bulk-billing requires something other than just those words.

The comments by Dr Karen Price were unprecedented; no other president has been so explicit about the issue.

But if they don't surface into the public domain anytime soon — and remain a YouTube video from the college's AGM and an article in Australian Doctor — they don’t mean much, just background noise.

Beyond agreement among GPs that mass reliance on bulk-billed funding is harming the specialty, the issues get complicated very quickly.

In his response to the declarations by Dr Price, Dr Joe Kosterich wrote: “Memo, RACGP: Who was it, in concert with