Device Review: Cryospray Walmay Flask - 4 star rating

A cryospray flask that's built to last

Pesky warts? Dangly skin tags? Unsightly seborrhoeic keratoses? 

No problem — the Cryospray Walmay Flask has you covered. 

Cryotherapy is an essential part of the doctor’s bag these days with its wide range of uses and increasingly safe products to administer all -193 degrees of liquid nitrogen. 

This month I review the Walmay Cryospray from the ‘warm’ side of the device. 

My first thought is that it feels suitably strong, sturdy, and appropriately weighty so there’s no danger of failing to hit your target if you haven’t had time to get your daily caffeine fix and are experiencing withdrawal tremors.

But it’s not so heavy that your arm feels like it’s going to drop off after just a few minutes of pretending to be an ice-wielding superhero. 

There are several other features I like. Having used several similar devices before, I noticed the handle moulds