How ABI can be as easy as ABC

We review the Huntleigh Dopplex ABility Automatic ABI system


Measuring patients’ ankle-brachial index (ABI) is a sensitive, non-invasive and cost-effective way of screening high-risk patients for peripheral arterial disease.

There are many situations where this test would be extremely useful for GPs in managing common conditions, such as peripheral ulcers and complications of diabetes.

However, it is usually performed in hospitals because the ability to accurately complete the investigation in general practice has been difficult to achieve — until now.

With a reasonable MBS rebate (item: 11610), our clinic has been investigating the business case for buying devices to perform the test using the Huntleigh Dopplex ABility Automatic ABI system.

It is an impressive piece of technology. I spent a brief period of time watching their explanation video before lassoing a victim with the device’s four blood pressure cuffs