We review a contraceptive pill reminder app

While useful enough, it's not particularly memorable


As a gentleman, I don’t have to remember to take an oral contraceptive pill (OCP) every day to prevent pregnancy, but I can imagine how easy it could be to forget.

I forget to feed my cat sometimes, but she will soon remind me with a claw in my foot.


Now some clever app developers have adopted the claw-in-foot approach to taking the OCP by developing the myPill app.

Input a few simple details and the app shows a picture of the user’s pill packet with blacked-out spots for the ones that have been taken.

Different pill packet colours and sizes can be selected to match the type prescribed for the user, and it can set reminders for the day and time to take the pill.

The app can also calculate the user’s level of protection against an unwanted pregnancy from their pill-taking history and advise on what to do if a pill is missed.