4 steps to tackling unsafe alcohol use

With the festive season approaching, there's no better time to start the conversation

Alcohol continues to play a major role in many parts of Australian society and is central to many family celebrations, commemorations and work gatherings.

But unfortunately, alcohol also causes 4.6% of the nation’s total disease burden (compared with 9% for tobacco), as well as one-third of the health burden as a result of road traffic collisions.1

The festive season may provide an ideal opportunity to talk to your patients about alcohol use.

The 2009 NHMRC national guidelines on alcohol use highlight that the lifetime risk of drinking alcohol increases with the amount consumed.2

They recommend the following:

  • Adults should drink no more than two standard drinks each day.
  • On a single occasion of drinking, adults should drink a maximum of four standard drinks.

These recommendations are currently under review, and a revised draft should