A GP guide to genomics in cancer treatment

The rapid development of genomics technologies and their introduction into the clinical setting has resulted in an explosion of knowledge

Need to know:

  • Evolving understanding in cancer genetics and molecular biology has led to the concept of precision oncology: matching of the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.
  • Innovative and integrative health technologies are also a key part of transformative developments in cancer management and improve patient outcomes and can help reduce healthcare costs.
  • There is still significant unmet need in some areas, especially rare or less common cancers or cancers of unknown origins.
  • Collaborative integration of research into clinical care is a key component of improving therapeutic options, particularly for cancers that still carry poor outcomes.
  • Such an approach offers the real possibility of enabling comprehensive genomic profiling to deliver truly personalised cancer treatment.
  • Ongoing developments in genomics and targeted therapies are likely to have positive impacts on nearly all aspects