A GP guide to IUD options

IUDs are suitable for patients of any parity, and with copper and two hormonal devices to choose from, an appropriate option can be found for most

Need to know:

  • Available IUD options include copper and levonorgestrel devices (the 19.5mg Kyleena and 52mg Mirena).
  • Consider IUDs as a first-line option for all people seeking contraception regardless of their obstetric history.
  • Though each IUD type has advantages and disadvantages, the final device choice is guided by patient preference, provided there are no contraindications
  • Consider copper IUDs for emergency contraception and as a non-hormonal option that offers users natural cyclical timing.
  • The 52mg levonorgestrel IUD cannot currently be recommended as emergency contraception, but further studies are required to determine if it is suitable for this purpose.
  • Consider pregnancy if there is pain or a change in bleeding with an IUD in situ even if the strings can still be visualised.

The use of IUDs is increasing in Australia.1 They are 99.5-99.9% effective and offer