A GP guide to low-carb, healthy-fat diets for obesity

With low-carbohydrate, healthy-fat diets increasing in popularity, know how to support patients in implementing this safe and efficacious option for obesity

Need to know:

  • There is a range of evidence that supports a low-carbohydrate, healthy-fat (LCHF) diet as an option to aid obesity management.
  • GPs need to know how to respond appropriately to patients who are already using the LCHF approach for obesity and diabetes.
  • LCHF offers several advantages for people wanting to lose weight:
    • Increased energy expenditure with no decrease in basal metabolic rate.
    • Greater satiety at isocaloric intakes.
    • Positive impact on insulin resistance and metabolic parameters.
    • Low risk profile. LCHF diets are safe and may be recommended as a first-line approach.
    • Cost-effectiveness compared with options such as meal replacements, bariatric surgery and pharmacotherapy.
  • LCHF can be adjusted to fit a range of eating preferences.
  • This dietary approach may be used alongside other treatments, including drugs and bariatric