A GP guide to T2DM in teens and kids

Complications can be present at diagnosis or arise soon after, so it is critical to act quickly

Need to know:

  • A type 2 diabetes diagnosis before the age of 20 is associated with a sixfold increase in mid-life mortality rate compared with adult-onset disease.
  • Micro- and macrovascular complications are often present at diagnosis or arise soon after.
  • Vulnerable and disadvantaged populations are disproportionately affected.
  • Consider targeted screening in overweight or obese children with any other risk factor from age 10.
  • Management requires a multidiscliplinary approach to proactively support lifestyle modifications associated psychological morbidity and sexual health issues, and appropriate pharmacotherapy if warranted.
  • Early screening and assertive management of associated end-organ complications are essential to improve long-term morbidity and mortality outcomes.

As a result of the obesity epidemic, a particularly aggressive form of diabetes has emerged this century: paediatric