A GP guide to vaccination confidence and hesitancy

In the current climate, it is more important than ever that GPs know how best to deal with vaccine-hesitant patients to improve vaccine confidence and uptake

GPs in Australia are a critical touchpoint for patients for vaccine information.

Educating and counselling patients about vaccination is therefore an important task in general practice, and improving GPs’ understanding of issues surrounding vaccination is an important cog in improving vaccine confidence in the community.

However, many primary care providers may not have sufficient time or expertise to discuss complex concerns expressed around vaccination.1-3

Hesitancy towards vaccination is increasing and is often a challenging topic in practice.

Hesitancy to vaccinate is multifaceted.

With the re-emergence of vaccine-preventable disease and novel pathogens, it is important that GPs understand the factors driving vaccine hesitancy and consider what they can do to build confidence in vaccination within their practice and community.

Need to know: