How to help parents put child sleep issues to bed

GPs can play an important role in tackling sleep problems for parents and their children

Need to know:

  • Around one-third of parents say their children’s sleep is a problem for them, including parents of teens.
  • Sleep disorders are treatable, suggesting a need for further education and support for professionals to help families identify the nature of the sleep challenges they face and get the right support.
  • Children’s sleep is more challenging for parents of children with complex needs, such as medical conditions or learning difficulties, suggesting sleep support should be part and parcel of supporting the developmental needs of these children.
  • There are strong correlations between parent mental health and problems with their child’s sleep, presenting opportunities for primary healthcare providers to sensitively discuss mental health concerns when parents present with a child sleep concern.
  • Providing parents with reliable information about child sleep and settling techniques can help alleviate parent