Redefining recurrent implantation failure

The lack of an accurate definition poses potential hazards and may lead to unjustified early diagnosis.

Need to know:

  • Recurrent implantation failure is an imprecisely defined, frustrating disorder, which lacks universally accepted diagnostic criteria.
  • Many investigations will not yield a definitive aetiology for recurrent implantation failure, and only some of the pathologies identified will have evidence-based management options.
  • Experimental therapies for unexplained recurrent implantation failure are often prescribed due to the desire of clinicians and patients to address actual or perceived pathology.
  • Over-inclusive definitions of recurrent implantation failure lead to unwarranted testing and therapeutic interventions, most of which lack evidence of safety or effectiveness, and waste financial resources.
  • The authors propose a novel concept termed the theoretical cumulative implantation rate (TCIR) to define whether a patient should be diagnosed with recurrent implantation failure, to assist with patient counselling