Stem the tide: Cruising in the COVID-19 era

The government’s ban on cruise ships has been lifted, but what does that mean for the health of passengers considering a return to the high seas?

Need to know:

  • Cruising is a popular travel option for Australians, with travellers aged 60 or older favouring longer cruises.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic effectively ran the cruising industry aground for much of 2020-21, and served as a potent reminder of some of the potential health risks associated with this form of travel.
  • With the evolution of the pandemic and vaccination coverage, cruising is now getting back on track, with extensive COVID-19 protocols in place to mitigate the risk of onboard outbreaks.
  • A number of resources are available to travellers considering a return to cruising, to determine how best they can protect themselves, and to ensure their health needs can be adequately managed during travel. This includes having the appropriate insurance to cover care in the event of onboard infection.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cruise industry had been growing rapidly.