$50k to lure new GPs? They’d prefer a shot at surgery

The Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life (MABEL) survey of more than 500 medical graduates found, if promised exposure to procedural work, the proportion of future doctors choosing general practice would leap from 39.9% to 53%.

By comparison, the number who said they would choose general practice if offered a $50,000 earnings boost rose to 50.5%.

Report author, University of Melbourne senior research fellow Dr Peter Sivey, said while earnings made a difference, the report showed encouraging more GPs to take on procedural work would help boost their numbers and reduce pressure on hospitals.

“In recent years in Australia, many GPs have been forced to reduce traditional areas of procedural practice, such as obstetrics,” he wrote.

“Strategies to better support these activities would enhance the attractiveness of general practice and reduce referral to hospital.”

GPRA CEO Amit Vohra