Absconding midwife arrested and struck off

Akal Kaur Khalsa was prosecuted before the then NSW Nursing and Midwifery Tribunal over her care for the baby, who was born at home in 2011, and was found guilty of professional misconduct in October last year.

Only three weeks before the ruling, she had been ordered to pay $6.6 million in damages in a civil case for her negligence in another home birth. 

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal cancelled her registration as a nurse and midwife on Tuesday, ordering that she not be permitted to apply for re-registration for at least two years. 

The career midwife failed to adequately assess, monitor and manage the baby born in January 2011 and failed to make proper clinical notes, the tribunal said. 

Ms Khalsa arrived after the birth but stayed overnight at the home to monitor the newborn’s condition, the tribunal heard. The baby’s temperature was below normal, but the midwife said in her defence she believed it