Acupuncture and migraine prevention

They randomised 480 people into four groups. Different acupuncture techniques were used in three groups while the fourth group received sham acupuncture. Twenty treatments were given over four weeks and included electrostimulation for 30 minutes.

The main outcome was the average number of days with migraine in the four weeks following completion. Patients had a mean of 3.4 days with migraine after sham treatment, which was not significantly different from the outcome in the other three group.

Only one type of acupuncture showed a significant reduction in the frequency of migraine. Shaoyang-specific acupuncture also reduced pain intensity.

During the next four weeks, there were fewer attacks and less pain in the patients who had received acupuncture. 


The benefits of acupuncture were mainly seen in the secondary outcomes of the study. Even though there were some significant statistical differences, the clinical