ADHD clinical practice points released

Guidance for GPs on ADHD has been a long time coming, with previous draft guidelines from 2009 being scrapped due to conflict of interest allegations.

This was followed by draft clinical practice points being released last year after the NHMRC declined to endorse the earlier guidelines, which were sullied by revelations that a Harvard professor, Joseph Biederman, whose work underpinned many of the previous recommendations, was sanctioned by Harvard Medical School for failing to declare ties with pharmaceutical companies.

The new Clinical Practice Points on the Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents were developed as a resource because they could be put together more quickly than guidelines, according to a Q&A on the NHMRC website.

The NHMRC has been criticised for failing to remove the guidelines after they came into disrepute.

In the new Q&A,