AMA to look at ensuring rights for retired doctors

THE fate of retired doctors, and their future prescribing and referral rights, will be debated at a national level next week. 

The Medical Board of Australia last year controversially withdrew these rights from doctors who retire after 1 June 2010. Those who retired before that date were grand-fathered onto a new arrangement, and will retain limited prescribing and referral rights for another three years.

The issue will be debated at the AMA Federal Council meeting next week and follows a campaign by AMA Queensland’s retired doctors working group to reinstate the repeat prescribing and referral rights for retired doctors.

Doctors who wish to retain prescribing or referral rights in their retirement must maintain CPD and pay registration fees. 

Dr Frank Johnson, a retired consultant physician and chair of the working group, said the group was now drafting a proposal for a new set of registration conditions for retired