Aussie GPs have less stress, red tape than UK peers

Australian GPs were also far more likely to recommend general practice to medical students (80%) compared to the UK doctors (35%).

The survey of 70 Australian and 70 UK general practitioners sought to uncover what doctors thought about their jobs and their working life, and found that variety seemed to be a big drawcard for the Australians.

On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being highest, Australians reported more variety in their day (7.35 compared to 6.39), more autonomy (7.29 vs 5.23) and less stress (5.25 vs 7.29).

The survey also found that a typical GP appointment was around 16 minutes for Australian doctors and about 10 minutes for UK doctors.

Dr Jonathan Brown, a GP specialising in skin cancer and the conductor of the interview, left UK general practice six years ago to work in Australia. He said the exodus of GPs from the UK to Australia was part of the reason he wanted to find out more about how the systems vary.