Beware toxic renal effects of NSAIDs in kids

In a review of acute kidney injury at one paediatric hospital over a decade, US researchers found nearly 3% (27 of 1015 patients) developed acute tubular necrosis or acute interstitial nephritis due to NSAIDs alone.

A majority of the patients (75%) had taken their medicine at the recommended dose.

Many more children in the same time period had multifactorial kidney injury, of which NSAID exposure was one factor – with some sustaining acute kidney injury as a complication of inpatient therapy – but these complex patients were excluded from the analysis.

The series, the largest to date showing a link between NSAIDs and renal damage in children, also found that affected younger children – those under five years – tended to have more severe disease compared to older children, most of whom were teenagers.

“The reason for this finding is unknown but could be due to an increased susceptibility to the toxic renal