Botox-for-sex doctor banned for five years

In February this year Sydney based Fabian Baez was found guilty of a total of three instances of professional misconduct, however final determinations regarding public protection measures were not published until this week.

The first two findings from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal related to two female patients he treated between 2003 and 2006 – referred to as Patients A and C. The third related to the tribunal’s finding that Dr Baez had conducted an extramarital affair with a third patient (Patient D) in around 1997. 

A fourth complaint against Dr Baez pertaining to allegation of sexual assault by a patient referred to by the tribunal as Patient B was dismissed.

Dr Baez – who left general practice to pursue a career in cosmetic medicine – was found to have made sexual advances to a Patient A shortly following a liposuction procedure he had performed on her. 

But in what the tribunal described