Car crash doctor to appeal improper conduct charge

Country radiologist Dr Leila Dekker had taken a finding of the State Administrative Tribunal to the WA Supreme Court as part of a legal battle that has spanned more than 12 years.

Dr Dekker had stopped in her ute at a road junction in Roebourne in April 2002 when another car that was travelling too fast veered towards her, forcing her to drive forward to avoid a collision.

The other car narrowly missed her vehicle, left the road, mounted an embankment and rolled into a ditch.

Dr Dekker heard an impact but could not see the other car in the dark. She had no mobile phone, torch or first-aid kit, although she later told the District Court that her passenger had said he thought the other vehicle had rolled.

She did not stop and check to see if anyone needed medical assistance, instead driving a short distance to a police station where she reported the near miss, alerting officers to the possibility that another vehicle had driven off the road.