Catalyst’s effect continues

The online poll of 150 GPs, commissioned by MSD and conducted by Cegedim Strategic Data, showed the number of GPs with patients who wanted to stop taking their statins increased from 67% in the week after the program was aired to 74% three weeks after.

The number of patients GPs considered would stop taking their statins without presenting for a consultation increased slightly from 84% to 89% over the same period.

One GP taking part in the survey said the program was "the most biased and damaging TV show… medically… in years".

“As a result of the Catalyst program, I had a large amount of my time wasted reassuring patients that statins are safe,” another doctor said.

“It was a rubbish and biased program in the same grain as anti-vaccination propaganda.”

While 85% said the program had not affected their statin prescribing, 14% said they would decrease prescribing in patients at low