Cautionary tales - Dr Chris Mitchell

I WAS working my way through my obstetric term, doing a routine admission for Kate, a young primipara with mild hypertension.

Kate was bright and bubbly and looking forward to her first child. She talked about herself and all the jobs she had to do at home to get ready – like most mothers to be, she had a lot better things to do than hang around the maternity ward. 

Kate looked really well with no proteinuria. 

I arranged routine bloods and after a few other admissions and  maternity discharges I followed up her results, confirming a normal urate, LFTs and platelets and went back to the delivery suite.

After just a few hours I was called back to the ward. Kate was a little drowsy and mildly confused with a dull headache, her blood pressure was still okay but she just looked unwell. 

If I hadn’t seen myself how bubbly she was on admission I probably wouldn’t have been so concerned, but I